The DAC Coin is Dacxi’s Exchange coin and a key part of the Dacxi ecosystem. Exchange coins provide real world utility to their users. Learn about the unique benefits DAC holders enjoy.


Hi everyone, in this video we’re going to look at Dacxi’s DAC coin and how the DAC fits within the Dacxi ecosystem.

The DAC is a utility token based on the Ethereum blockchain. It’s listed on the Dacxi Exchange and became tradable in July 2018.

The DAC is Dacxi’s Community Exchange Coin. It is native to the Dacxi exchange ecosystem.

An Exchange coin is a crypto asset that is linked to a crypto exchange and captures its value from the activity in that exchange ecosystem.

Exchange coins provide a number of benefits to Exchange ecosystems.

They provide liquidity and currency pairs…

For example, the DAC/USD or DAC/BTC currency pairs. 

What’s interesting about Exchange coins, is that unlike most crypto assets, which are still speculative, exchange coins provide real utility to their users today. That’s because exchanges are real world businesses. That’s why exchange coins were some of the best performing crypto assets even in 2018’s bear market. 

Anyone who holds 10,000 DAC Coins is automatically in what we call the Dacxi Inner Circle. Let’s take a look at the benefits that DAC coin holders get:


The first benefit is: holders of DAC get an automatic 25% discount off trading fees on the Dacxi Exchange. That’s right! Just by buying and holding 10,000 DAC Coins, you’ll get a 25% discount on trading fees.

The second benefit is peer to peer payments. We’ve enabled wallet to wallet payments of DAC via Dacxi Exchange accounts. That means Dacxi Exchange members can use DAC for payments to each other. It’s as easy as typing in your friend’s email address and transferring the funds with a note to say ‘hey, thanks for the beers!”

And this is just the beginning.  As the Dacxi ecosystem evolves, we’ll add new features that will be unlocked by the DAC coin. Some examples are:

  • exclusive content for DAC holders
  • access to crypto training and live events
  • being able to tip other community members for creating content
  • we’re working hard on our venture capital platform, Crypto VC – when this goes live, members of the inner circle, or people who hold 10,000 DAC coins, will have exclusive access to discounts on new coin listings

These features are all on the Dacxi roadmap so keep an eye out for updates

Here at Dacxi, we want the DAC Coin’s value to rise, so 70% of Dacxi’s profits from across the ecosystem will go into buying back DAC Coin quarterly and burning them, reducing the amount in circulation until only 50% remain. That helps lower supply as demand increases

Today the DAC is tradable here on the Dacxi Exchange.We are working towards listing the DAC on other cryptocurrency exchanges in early 2019

Finally, to learn more, remember, you can always go to Dacxi’s Coin Pages to learn about DAC and other crypto assets too!