Every crypto asset has a story. Find one that speaks to you and you might be surprised how interesting crypto becomes.


How to learn more about crypto assets

Want to know how to learn more about a particular crypto project?

Well, there are loads of different ways to do this. And before you purchase a particular crypto, it is a good idea to research it and evaluate its underlying fundamentals and business use case.

A popular website you can use to see the current prices and market cap of the entire crypto market is coinmarketcap.com

Coin market cap lists all the different crypto assets by their market capitalisation. When you first start out in the wonderful world of crypto, it’s good to get familiar with the top crypto assets first…

You can find objective information on each coin, find out what the project’s use case is, live price and volume data, a link to an informative video, as well as a link to the coin’s white paper. A white paper is kind of like the business plan for a coin’s project.

Beyond Dacxi, most crypto projects have their own websites, white papers, and social media channels. More on that in future lessons.

Finally, another way to think about all this, is to remember that every crypto asset has a story. Find one that speaks to you; it might be a coin that has a purpose you believe in, or wants to disrupt an industry you love… blockchain businesses have the potential to disrupt almost any industry you can think of.

There are tokens for solar energy! Digital advertising! Gambling! Air Miles! Dentists! Virtual Reality! Gaming! Medical Marijuana! Prediction markets! Religion! And many more.

The point is if you find something that clicks with you, you might be surprised how interesting the entire crypto ecosystem becomes…